About us

The company Stone Home Ltd. based on Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria, has its main business - mining, processing and trading of rock-lining materials. The company specializes in the extraction, processing and marketing of gneiss. This is a common and widespread type of rock related to the metamorphic rocks. The gneiss is composed of feldspar, granites, andalusite, quartz.

It Is Perfect for outdoor flooring, wall cladding and decorative purposes. Gneiss renders and pavements give a natural and enchantingly beautiful finish to any project.

We have a large number of experienced staff to process and prepare natural stones.

The natural stone can be shaped in different sizes 5xL, 10xL, 15xL, 20xL. And when we talk about Glitc - Dimensioned Elements, the edges of the stone crumble to form a convex part in the center of the stone.

Prepare the natural stone in several variants:

  • Natural Stone for Facing
  • Natural Stone for Flooring
  • Natural stone for building
  • Dimensioned Elements
  • Glitc - Dimensioned Elements
  • Polygonal plates
  • Cuttings
  • Decorative stone

We offer a complete cycle of natural stone extraction, through its processing, delivery and installation.