Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company offer a supply?

- The company offers delivery to anywhere in the world.

Are you offering discounts and what are they?

- Discounts are determined by the number of orders and their quantity.

Are you proposing specialists to implement a project?

- As mentioned in our resume, we have five team of experts in this field who will realize your boldest ideas and finalize your project as soon as possible.

- We offer a complete cycle of natural stone extraction, through its processing, delivery and installation.

- We have building brigades capable of satisfying even the most sophisticated taste for installation and construction of natural stones.

How many square meters (m2) are in one euro pallet?

Standard one euro pallet contains 25 m2.

  • 1 euro pallet Multi-plate or Lining stones contains 27 rows = 25 m2
  • 1 euro pallet Shaped stones contains 26 rows = 25 m2

How much does one euro pallet weight?

  • 1 euro pallet polygonal plates weighing 1000 kg. to 1100 kg. (1 t to 1.1 t)
  • 1 euro pallet lining weighs 800 kg. up to 900 kg. (0.8 t to 0.9 t)
  • 1 euro pallet shaped weighs approximately 1000 kg. (1 t)
  • 1 euro pallet weighs approximately 1300 kg. (1.3 t)